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Julie photoHi boys and gals,
My name is Julie and in this site I am going to share my honest opinion regarding Ken Burge’s Paleo Fat Burner program.

Don’t think this is will be another review that you’ve read on different sites because this review is going to be different. Unfortunately, many people wrote down their review without applying themselves and even some of them don’t read it once.

So, in this review I am sharing my personal results with you because I have not only obtain my dream body with this program but also gained back my confidence. Now, I can walk confidently and can wear any skin-tight tops.

I am starting this review by sharing my personal short weight loss story then I will explain how this Paleo Fat burner system helped me and in the end I conclude my review by sharing Free “10 Delicious Paleo Salad Recipes” book (No email/payment required)

Additionally, I talk one step further and gather all reviews regarding this fat burner system from different sites. Read them here

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Paleo Burn Review

Note: This is my personal review, if you are looking for official website then visit here

Are you tired of looking overweight every time you look yourself in mirror?

It does not matter what supplement, workout program you try, these fatty tissue are not ready to melt. If you are tired of looking overweight then you are not alone.

Primal BurnAccording to OECD health report, the good news is that America is not longer the world fattest country. But, the bad news is that America is still ranked #2 with 31.8% people are considered obese (over 30 BMI).

There are many weight loss supplement, program, fad diet that claiming for results within 1-2 weeks but success rate is almost zero and more importantly the side effects associated with weight loss supplement are very harmful that is why it is important to avoid taking these supplements and focus on losing weight with the help of natural foods and exercise.

If you like to lose weight quickly without any side effects you need to avoid taking processed foods, canned foods and fast foods. These three undoubtedly are very delicious but they are very damaging for the health in long term. On other side if you include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and start doing some exercise then you will get weight loss and more importantly you will not get any side effects from them.

We all know natural foods and exercise is the best way to lose weight but we are looking for ‘magical pill’ which never exist. It is better to understand it and safe your money and time. However, Dr. Loren Cordain did his research and found that cavemen are healthier than modern day people.

What is Paleo Diet?

The biggest different between cavemen diet and modern diet is processed foods, fast food and canned foods. Cavemen don’t eat these processed foods that is why if anyone wants to lose weight he must follow “Paleo Diet”. A Paleo diet contain all foods that receive from nature such as meat, eggs, vegetable, natural oil. Don’t worry, you don’t need to research about this diet because Ken Burge did all the hard work for you and develop a system called Primal burn (Paleo burn).

My Weight Loss Story

caveman-dietHello, I am Julie and I was also one of the 31.8% people that are considered obese. I tried numerous methods even I can’t count the number of supplement I used to lose weight. But, results are zero, even I started doing 30 minutes cardio everyday and even worst instead of losing pounds I start gaining pounds. After getting frustrated I start thinking I can’t able to lose weight and can’t get my body shape that I once have.

On my birthday, my younger sister gifted me a fat burner system called “Primal Burn (Paleo Burn)”. At first I think it is a joke, how can one lose weight by eating meat? My younger sister told me same fat burner system help his friend to lose 31 lbs. I finally made a decision to try it out as I know my sister does not recommend any product that is scammed.

How Does Primal Burn Work?

Primal BurnI don’t know this decision help me to get my body figure back that I always desire. And I finally decide to write my review on Ken Burge’s “Primal Burn (Paleo Burn)”.

In Paleoburn Fat Burner System, Ken teaches why you should avoid jogging and how jogging long-distance do more harm than good.

Ken also explained what foods you need to include in your diet to increase the efficiency of your metabolism and burn more fat.

He also explained what exercises is the best to lose weight and explain exercises that only burn fat when you are performing but they also burn fat when you are sleeping.


Ken Burge created video explaining how one-healthy food killing your chances towards weight loss. Watch this video below

Video Paleo burn


primal burn reviews

The Paleoburn Fat Burner System is the complete fat burner system which is consists of a nutrition diet plan, an exercise plan and motivation tips.

In nutrition plan you will get list of 26 foods that help you to lose weight and also containing 5 foods that remove fat from belly fat. In this nutrition guide you will get list of food which contain list of certain food which are sound healthy but they are not. Even these foods increase fat storage in the body.

In Exercise plan guide you will get exercises that are effective for your lose weight. These are not long session cardio instead they are short intense exercises which are proven more effective to burn fat. These exercises do not demand lots of time investment from your side. You need to perform these exercises for 15 minutes only.

Third guide you will get in Primal Burn (Paleo Burn) is motivation tips. These motivational tips are truly the GEM of this fat burner system. Do you know a good motivation is needed to burn fat? These without motivation you will left the program in midway. These motivation tips help you to stick with this system till the end.


To make weight loss easy for you, Ken Burge included some priceless bonuses that can be sold separately but Ken Burge wants to you get success with this system that is why he is offering these bonuses for free. Here are the list of bonus guides you will get with this system:

  1. PaleoBurn Quick Start Guide (explains how to get started with this system in less than 24 hours)
  2. PaleoBurn Food List (gives you a quick view of foods that you should include in your diet to get positive results)
  3. Fat Burning Quick Book (no need to search recipes with the food list you get. This guide containing all recipes that will make your weight loss journey easy and delicious)
  4. Complete audio files of PaleoBurn Fat Burner System (don’t like to read text by sitting on your computer, this is the perfect solution for you. Now listen complete system with the help of these audio files)
  5. Workout Video Library (teaches you how to perform these Primalburn exercises perfectly to get results quickly)


Real Reviews:

Here are some review I’ve collected from all over the internet.


Paleo diet is the healthiest diet according to many doctors and fitness expert. Now you don’t need to give up on your taste while losing weight. With the help of Primal Burn (PaleoBurn Fat Burner system) you will get weight loss without giving up on your taste. Your investment in this system is completely safe with 60-days money back guarantee. If you feel it is not working (for any reason) just send email to Ken and he refund your money. Ken’s Paleo Burn make weight loss easy and with money back guarantee you don’t have any nothing to lose except pounds).

Free Report:

As promised earlier, here’s your free “10 Delicious Paleo Salad Recipes” book. Feel free to share it with your friends and family.

recipe book

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